Albion recycling business under new ownership

Paul Schilousky, left, with new owners Mike Landauer and Curt Berglund.Albion Aluminum Can & Metals, a local recycling business for the past 26 years, has been sold by Paul Schilousky to Mike Landauer and Curt Berglund of Albion.

The equipment was moved last weekend to Doc’s Service, 108 South Third Street, where the partners will continue to buy aluminum and other metals for recycling.

The recycling operation will be housed in the south bay of Doc’s Service. They will accept aluminum cans, scrap aluminum, copper, brass, car radiators and junk batteries.

The business is also available to clean up scrap iron by appointment.

Both Mike and Curt have been involved in vehicle repair for many years — Mike as owner-operator of Doc’s Service and Curt as mechanic at Spiegel Automotive. They both will continue with their current jobs in addition to the recycling business.

Equipment for the operation, a Dens-A-Can machine to crush and bale aluminum cans, and a 5,000 pound capacity scale, were moved to Doc’s Service last weekend.