Commissioners extend moratorium to July 15

Boone County Commissioners adopted an amended resolution Monday, extending the moratorium on conditional use permits for livestock feeding operations (LFOs)to July 15, 2008.

Last November, the commissioners adopted the moratorium to last until May 1, 2008, but the process of studying possible amendments to the county zoning regulations requires more time.

The commissioners action Monday means that no new conditional use permits for LFOs can be considered until the moratorium expires on July 15.

Boone County Planning Commission will be meeting May 27 to consider zoning changes from consultant Keith Marvin of JEO Consulting Group. A public hearing on the final changes will likely be held by the Planning Commission in June. The recommendations are then passed on to the County Commissioners for a public hearing and adoption in July.

During a public discussion session at Monday’s County Commission meeting, Ted Thieman told the commissioners that their hearing on the proposed zoning changes “will be the key to the whole thing.”

Thieman said he doesn’t feel the Planning Commission has adequately addressed the public input and concerns about soil, air and water quality, because many of them are directly involved in the livestock industry.

Commissioner Tom Schuele said he has read the proposals from both sides of the issue and would be willing to have a point-by-point discussion of the proposals at the commissioners’ hearing.

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