Molly’s Musings

Some tips for senior grads

By Molly Young

Four finals. One paper. Eight days. My freshman year at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln slipped into single digits. Dozens of Boone Central seniors, though, are about to begin their collegiate journey.

Here is my graduation present to the class of 2008: some bits of advice to make August a little easier. I am certainly not claiming to be the next Ralph Waldo Emerson, but I did learn a few things…

10. Regard free moments as blessings. Free time – hours to read, minutes to think, seconds to breathe – is a rarity. To illustrate, last August, I purchased three novels – a thriller, a mystery and a romance – to read in my spare time. The thriller thrillingly collected dust. The mystery mysteriously disappeared. The romance romantically rested.

9. Regard free things as blessings, too. Vendors itch to give students Frisbees and freebies at multiple campus events throughout the year. So what if the older generation – our parents, the Boomers – would consider these things “junk”? This year, local advertisers supplied half of my t-shirt wardrobe and several of my meals. The term “poor college student” wasn’t coined without merit.

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