My Side of the Fencepost

Beware the easy solutions

By Jim Dickerson

As we amble into the final two weeks before Nebraska’s primary election, I always like to remember advice about elections given to me a long time ago.

The advice: Beware the easy solutions.

We voters are somewhat like idealistic children. We want a lot of things.

For example, we want an honorable end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the end, we want our presence there to have accomplished more good than harm in those countries and in Middle East, while still protecting our own security.

We want leaders to provide some workable solutions for our economy, for energy-driven inflation, for illegal immigration, the farm bill and etc.

We’d probably like to see wind power developed in Boone County, a resolution to contentious planning and zoning issues, more economic development and better roads.

All of these are complex issues, and no one has all the answers; but we are fortunate to have some very capable people running for public office.

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