Yet another storm causes damage near Primrose

This center pivot near Primrose was overturned, and its concrete pad was pulled out of the ground.It has been a tough spring storm season for many Boone County farmers, and it got worse last week for growers in the county’s western portion.

A heavy storm brought hail, driven by stright winds of up to 70 miles per hour, through the Primrose area last Tuesday night, June 17.

That storm hailed out many acres of corn and soybeans, and flipped over as many as 14 center pivots in the area. The storm followed a path from near Bartlett, in Wheeler County, to west of Cedar Rapids in Boone County.

“The damaged area also had up to three inches of rain,” said Bob Carey, Boone County emergency manager. “There was a lot of runoff, and 300th Street had water running over it.”

Primrose had extensive tree damage. One large tree limb fell on and damaged a pickup parked near it.