Texley returns from trip as People to People Ambassador

andrew-texley-with-koala-bear.jpg(Editor’s Note: Following is an excerpt from a story written by Andrew Texley of Albion about his recent trip to Australia as a People to People Ambassador. The full story can be found in the July 2 Print Edition of the Albion News.) 

I have recently returned back to Albion after a 20-day visit of the country of Australia.

This trip was the most amazing adventure that I have ever gone on. It started at the Omaha airport, checking in, saying goodbye and farewell, and then getting onto the airplane. I then landed in Dallas and then Los Angeles. At the Los Angeles airport, the Nebraska delegation (which was of course my group) met up with a delegation from Missouri and one from Georgia, with whom we would be traveling. We soon got to know each other with the help of a five-hour layover at L.A.

I then boarded the airplane, preparing myself for the longest flight that had ever ridden on, SIXTEEN HOURS, to be exact.

Eventually we arrived at our first stop, a small city called Cairns (pronounced Canes). There we learned about the Aborigines (Australia’s native people). We also visited the rain forest while in Cairns, which was filled with abundant wildlife.