Pools were closed temporarily due to cryptosporidiosis in area

Albion and St. Edward swimming pools were closed temporarily last week as a precaution due to cases of cryptosporidiosis in the area.

Boone County Health Center treated patients for the illness last week, according to Cindy Lesiak, RN, vice president of Clinical Services, but she said there is no way for the hospital to confirm the source of the illness. It could have come from swimming in a lake, pond, river or pool. However, the water in the pools was treated in case the parasites that spread this illness may have been brought into the pools by a patron.

St. Edward pool was closed Tuesday, July 22. The Albion pool was closed part of the day Wednesday and all day Thursday.

Chlorine levels of the pools were increased to a level sufficient to kill the parasite and then reduced to an appropriate level for swimming.