Vets Club building drive nears $60,000 mark

Albion Veterans Club building fund is nearing the $60,000 mark after more than $15,000 in new donations over the past three weeks. 

The fund total stood at $58,315 on July 29, 2008, representing an increase of $15,011 since the last report on July 8. The building has now arrived, and site preparation is expected to begin in August.

The drive opened in March of this year, when Manderson Lehr American Legion Post 162 and VFW Post 736, along with the auxiliaries, voted unanimous support for a new building.

A Sentinel Building was ordered, and contractors were contacted for bids on the work.

The new building will be located on the corner of Third and Church Streets. It will include a memorial wall in honor of area veterans.

Donors may purchase bricks that will be inscribed with veterans’ names and service information.

These are available through the Albion Veterans Club at 402-395-6544, or by contacting any member of the building committee. Sponsor bricks may also be purchased.