Schools tell opening enrollments

Opening enrollments were very similar to last year at Boone Central Public School and St. Michael’s elementary on the first day of classes, Monday, Aug. 18.

The K-12 enrollment at Boone Central was 565 students, a decline of only eight from last year’s beginning enrollment of 573.

High school enrollment (grades 9-12) was the same as last year at 238 students.

Middle school enrollment (grades 6-8) was 126, down six from last year’s opening number of 132.

Elementary (K-5) enrollment at Boone Central was 201 students, a decline of two from last year’s count.

In addition, Boone Central started with 12 students in the Pathways program and 40 in preschool.

St. Michael’s School had a starting enrollment of 98 in grades K-8, a decline of five from last year’s count of 103 students. St. Michael’s has two sessions of preschool this year with 30 students enrolled, an increase from 18 students in one session per day last year.