Cool weather causes concern for area crops

Cool weather over the past several weeks has resulted in slow development of area crops, according to local farmers and agronomists.

Depending on planting date, crops were 10 days to three weeks behind normal in maturity by mid-September, according to most estimates.

High temperatures have been in the 60s and lower 70s during the past two weeks, with a low of 36 degrees recorded Monday morning, Sept. 15.
The cool and sometimes damp conditions have slowed crop development.
However, with the full moon past and warm weather in the forecast, agronomists are optimistics that the crops can reach full maturity.
Weather conditions, diseases and insects have all created some problems for this year’s crops. Hail last summer caused heavy crop losses in western Boone County and in the Newman Grove area.
Diseases problems in corn this year have included grey leaf spot, root rot and some anthracnose. There have also been some problems with a lack of nitrogen in some fields.
Most soybean fields in the area were hit by heavy aphid infestations in August, but they were treated successfully in most cases. Late planted soybeans could use another three weeks to a month of development before the first frost.
Silage harvest is now getting underway in the area, and harvest of high moisture corn could begin within 10 days if warmer weather conditions continue.