Hospital’s main entrance now open

Melissia Nissen, a receptionist from the Boone County Health Center business office, welcomes visitors Monday at the hospital’s new front desk.The doors are open and the lights are on!

After a long summer of re-routing patients and visitors from the front entrance to the north side of the building, Boone County Health Center has announced the reopening of its main (east) entrance.

Early on the morning of Monday, Sept.15, the hospital’s front entrance was reopened to patients and the public. The front desk area has been remodeled and now has a private admission room for patients checking into the hospital.

The main corridor, which was shifted to the east, is reopened and connects the front lobby to the laboratory and radiology area. Visitors will also notice the remodeled restrooms and vending area.

Later in the month, the new open, high-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit will be operating. The new MRI offers an open and airy field for imaging.

The hospital is planning a public open house to feature these new areas on Sunday, Oct. 26.