TIME OUT by Joe Flanagan

Terrific victory for the Cardinal football team Friday night!
The Boone Central volleyball team is off to a tremendous start this season. The softball team is above .500, playing exciting ball against a tough schedule.
Several Card cross country runners have excelled in 2008 and sophomore Brooke Bolin is continuing a successful family legacy on the golf course.
This success is important, believe me. Make no mistake about it, athletics are played to win – that’s why they keep score and give ribbons and medals. Winning isn’t the “only” thing, but it’s darn sure the goal and the underlying reason for even competing.
Boone Central has developed a well-deserved reputation for athletic excellence in many sports and activities during the school’s eight-year history. It’s the result of much hard work by hundreds of coaches and athletes and strong support from the Albion and Petersburg communities.
We should be proud.
Our school has also developed another great reputation that is just as important, perhaps even more so.
Boone Central Principal Darrell Barnes passed along a note he received Monday from the principal at Centennial High School in Utica:
“Just a quick note to thank you, your staff and parents for the terrific job all have done in preparing your students to be great citizens. My wife, a teacher in the Elementary at Centennial, takes tickets at the football games and was in the ticket booth Friday night when Boone Central came to Centennial. She remarked to me after the game that your students who attended were the most polite and friendliest students she has encountered from a visiting school in a long time. She got lots of pleases, thank yous and ‘have a great night’ comments from your students. It’s nice to see that in a day and time when all we hear and read about our young folks is gloom and doom.
Thank you again to the students, but also everyone on staff in your school who has contributed to their development. Parents, school and community should all be proud of your group of young folks.”
I know that Boone Central administrators and coaches have heard similar sentiments many times the past eight years about our student-athletes and overall student body.
What better reputation could a school have? Winners on and off the fields and courts.
Congratulations Cardinal students one and all!