City’s sales tax receipts still higher than last year

Albion’s retail sales tax receipts continued higher than last year for September, 2008, according to figures reported Nov. 18.

City sales tax receipts for September 2008 totaled $46,904, an increase of $6,124 or 13 percent over the September 2007 total of $40,780.

However, the September receipts were down by $3,095 or 6.1 percent from the previous month of August 2008, when the total was nearly $50,000.

Motor vehicle sales tax receipts declined by 60 percent from August to September 2008. August receipts were $5,345, while September receipts were $2,147.

Total city sales tax receipts for the three-month period, July through September 2008, were still 42 percent higher ($46,481) than the same period a year earlier. The 2008 July-September receipts total $156,908, while the 2007 July-September receipts were $110,427.