Helen Preusser to step down as County Treasurer

Helen PreusserHelen Preusser is retiring as Boone County Treasurer effective Dec. 31, 2008. Her resignation was accepted by the Boone County Commissioners on Monday with sincere appreciation for her years of service to the county.

Mrs. Preusser began working for Boone County in April of 1977. She has been County Treasurer since 1995.

When she joined the treasurer’s office, she had experience in assessing, but she had never collected taxes or registered a motor vehicle before. She learned something new every day, she said.

Computer technology has changed the day-to-day activities at the treasurer’s office. Back in the 1970s, motor vehicle registrations were typed with eight carbon copies, Preusser recalled. The typewriter was an IBM Selectric, which was a good typewriter.

“Now, as I think about all of the carbon copies and how everything is processed, technology has definitely been a positive action for this office,” said, Preusser.

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