TeamMates has great need for mentors

Boone Central’s TeamMates program has a great need for adult mentors this year, according to Jeanette Zwiener, TeamMates coordinator. Many students would like to participate in the program, but each of them needs a mentor.

Speaking at a recent meeting of the TeamMates Board of Directors, Zwiener said more community adults are needed as TeamMates mentors. If anyone has ever considered mentoring a child or might consider it in the future, please call her at 395-2134.

As the holiday season approaches, everyone is reminded to share talent, treasure and time. Mentoring requires no talent, you just need to be a friend. There is zero cost to you, but there is a small time investment of one hour a week during the school year.

“Please take a moment and give this some consideration,” Mrs. Zwiener said. “There is a child waiting for your decision.”