Planning Commission recommends approval of feedlot project

At a hearing Monday, Dec. 22, the Boone County Planning Commission recommended approval of a conditional use permit requested by Cedar Valley Feeding Co. in southwest Boone County.

Feedlot owner Richard VanAckeren requested the permit for holding ponds, non-feedlot water diversions and sediment basins on his property.

His attorney, Jeff Peetz, explained that the construction is necessary to meet state and federal regulations, and the capacity of the feedlot is not an issue in terms of this permit.

The feedlot’s capacity is the subject of a current lawsuit in District Court, Ted Thieman vs. Cedar Valley Feeding Co. At the time zoning was instituted in Boone County, the feedlot’s no-fee permit stated it contained 5,000 head.

Jim Vanderloop submitted a written statement, stating that any conditional use permit issued must specify the capacity of the feedlot and not allow for any increase in numbers.

“The current court case will settle the capacity issue,” said Peetz. “Right now, the number is irrelevant.”