Notes from a Vagabond

Diplomacy failed to end conflict

By Steve Fox

The Israeli conflict today in my opinion is the result of using diplomacy to resolve previous conflicts. At the urging of President Jimmy Carter (a person who never met a dictator he didn’t love) and later President Bill Clinton (who never met an intern he didn’t love), who in their rush to Stockholm to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, we threw Israel under the bus by forcing on them a negotiated a peace that made Israel weaker and emboldened the Islamofacists. I guess that’s OK; because like everything else the Democrats do, as long as the intentions are good, the outcome doesn’t matter.

Well, here we are. Did the Israelis act because there was a Republican administration in the White House knowing that the Republicans would support their actions? I don’t know. My suspicion is the answer is yes. I think their fears of a Democrat administration were well founded. I have been watching the news lately, and when Democrats are asked what Barack Obama is going to do about the situation, no one can say. When asked what he should do, the answer is unanimous: Begin to arrange for a diplomatic solution to this conflict. Anyone remember shuttle diplomacy and the special envoy? Well, that seems to be the plan of action after Obama is president.

I think the opposite should be the plan. I think we should materially support Israel. I think attacking Iran would be a good start. It is an accepted fact that Iran is an enemy of Israel and the United States, a material supporter of Hamas and other terrorists, and just generally a bad actor on the world stage. The rockets that Hamas has been firing into Israel have been stamped made in Iran. This is unacceptable.

I think it’s time for Iran to pay the piper. The United States needs to be done with negotiation and talk. We have been negotiating off and on since the Carter administration. Things have only gotten worse. I think now is the time for try a military solution. I don’t mean a limited war. If we go in, we do so to destroy the country’s military-industrial complex, destroy their “peaceful” nuclear program, their leadership and their military. This would destroy a safe haven for terrorists.

Will this end the entire conflict? Probably not, but neither has negotiation. I believe fewer people would be dead in the long run if we were to crush the main financier of terrorism today.

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