Special Events

Boone County Fair’s 125-year history will be focus in 2009

Boone County Fair Board is planning a variety of special events to celebrate the 125th annual County Fair, which is scheduled July 11-16, 2009.

The fair’s colorful history will be a focus of this year’s Q-125 celebration.

To commemorate the fair’s history, the Fair Board is seeking historical items from the early fairs and personal accounts of those who may have participated in the fairs in the 1930s or earlier.

Some of the items sought are early posters, pictures from concerts or other events and general memorabilia. There is special interest in the years from 1900 to about 1930, when fair attendance was at its peak. Historical pictures of county residents with fair entries (baked goods, livestock, etc.), or attending events at the fair, would be welcome.

The Fair Board would also like to receive written accounts of:

  • Memorable moments from earlier Boone County Fairs;
  • Fun facts or humorous memories from early fairs;
  • Memories of construction of the fairgrounds grandstand, which is said to have once been part of a famous Chicago ballpark.