Xmod racing gaining popularity

Sidney Wynn lines up her Xmod car at the starting line before a race.What’s fun to do on a Sunday afternoon?

For Alec Wynn and Jesse Zwiener (along with several other enthusiasts of all ages), the answer is Xmod racing.

The two Boone Central eighth graders are “into” racing the remote control scale model cars.

About a year ago, they purchased their track from a company for $200, began promoting their pastime and invited other enthusiasts to join in the fun.

They have now formed the A & J Xmod Racing Club, and races are held every other Sunday afternoon at the Veterans Club. Last Sunday, Feb. 22, a total of 10 contestants were racing. They ranged in age from 10 (Alec’s sister, Sidney) to 47 (Jesse’s dad, Joe).

The cars are fast, the corners are tight and the steering is tricky.

“It takes a lot of practice” to be a successful racer, said Alec.

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