Boone landmark comes down

The Boone Store was removed Monday, March 16.The old Boone Store, a landmark in the community for many years, was torn down Monday, March 16. An excavator from Bygland Dirt Contracting removed the building in several hours.

The original store building, owned by Claude Meridith, was destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt in 1945. Claude’s son, Earl, started Meridith’s Cash Store upon rebuilding. The store was later operated by Clarence (Bud) and Marge Grape and by Ron and Carlotta Grape.

The store served many different purposes throughout the years. It was a creamery, a produce station, gas station, store and Post Office. Marge Grape served as postmaster for 25 years before the store closed in the 1980’s. The store served as a social center for the area.

In 1992, the property was sold to a neighbor, Doug Storm, by Louise Meridith. “It was a wonderful place, I enjoyed every minute of it,” said Marge Grape, who lives across the street from the property.