Selenium content in city water isn’t immediate health risk

While the selenium content of water from two Albion city wells is higher than the state’s allowable maximum, it does not pose any immediate health risk, according to medical and scientific sources contacted this week by the Albion News.

Two of the city’s three wells were shut down last Thursday, April 2, because of elevated selenium content. City well #3 will continue to supply Albion residents with water. Tests showed water from well #3 is only slightly above the state’s maximum limits.

Meanwhile, the city has plans to drill a new well that will tap a deeper water source. City Administrator Andy Devine said this well could be in service within 120 days, and could provide a long-term solution to the water quality issue.

Dr. Tony Kusek, city physician, said he considers the danger to be very low from selenium content in the city water supply. Anyone who has a concern about drinking the water is advised to drink bottled water.