Petersburg Press

New superintendent spoke at leadership meeting in Petersburg

Mr. Cory Worrell, new superintendent at Boone Central Schools, spoke to the 26 members at the Leadership Development Challenge meeting held on April 8.

Worrell, 36, has been Principal at Lincoln Elementary and Norfolk Public Schools Montessori School for the past seven years. Before moving to Norfolk, he was a second grade teacher at Dodge Elementary in Grand Island for four years. Mr. Worrell earned his Bachelors Degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1996, his Masters Degree in educational administration from the University of Nebraska-Kearney in 2000 and expects to complete his PHD in educational administration by December of 2009.

Worrell felt Boone Central is “in place to help the kids.” He also said that the school is progressive, has the latest up-to-date curriculum and hires quality people. He would like to take the school to a higher or better level, and make the school attractive to all people in the area. He looks forward to his ability to help the kids and community. He would like to meet people in the area, and become involved in economic development. He felt that Boone Central is “right on top of where they need to be.” He also added that Boone Central has many technological advances, great ideas for the future education of our youth, and are not afraid to take chances.

Mr. Worrell was invited to stay for the remainder of the class where they reviewed the article, “Next 35 Years-Creating Opportunities and Facing Challenges” from the Center for Rural Affairs.

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