Petersburg Press

Village Board approves housing development plan

Petersburg Village Board gave the green light for a new housing development in northwest Petersburg during its monthly meeting last Tuesday night, April 7.

The board approved a plan to extend Lincoln Street to serve five new building lots between 10th Street and County Road 210 after a presentation from Hank Thieman, who represented the Petersburg Housing Committee.

Total cost to the village is estimated at $65,000, and the estimated costs were broken down by the committee as follows:

  • $3,800 to purchase land for an extension of Lincoln Street north for 655 feet, with an 80-foot width.
  • $52,000 to extend water and sewer mains adjacent to the new street, based on the preliminary design from the city’s engineering firm.
  • $5,000 in engineering costs and $2,500 for an official survey of the street and surrounding area.

As proposed, the village would incur no cost for construction of the street, but the village would pay for culverts if needed.

The committee recommended that an aggregate surface of rock and gravel be applied to the street surface until millings can be obtained from the Department of Roads for the base. The total cost of the street surface would be $500 to $1,000.