Fortunately, only a drill

Emergency responder reaches one of the victims in the overturned van during Saturday’s drill.
Boone County and Albion law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel responded to a staged accident scene at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 2, just across Highway 14 from the Albion Airport.

The scenario: A van, with four occupants, had been involved in a roll-over accident. The vehicle was perched on its side in the roadway ditch. One passenger had been ejected. There were multiple injuries.

Sheriff’s Department personnel controlled traffic and assisted EMTs at the scene. Two ambulances and several fire and rescue trucks responded to transport the victims to Boone County Health Center, where the emergency room personnel were also involved in the drill. A LifeNet helicopter was also called in to transport the most seriously injured victim.

The drill lasted only about an hour, but provided valuable training for everyone involved, according to Sheriff Dave Spiegel. All personnel attended a debriefing session at the hospital to discuss the training exercise.

See the May 6 Albion News for more photos and complete details.