Kav’s Tire and Lube is new Albion business

Jim KalvelageJim Kavelage purchased the building at 400 W. Market two years ago and many friends urged him to make use of the building and start a tire business.

As of Jan. 1, 2009, he completed the paperwork for his new business, Kav’s Tire and Lube. He currently operates the business in the evenings from 4-8 p.m. because he also works full-time at a hog unit during the day.

Kavelage eventually plans to be operating during the day when he no longer works at the hog unit. He also believes that it is important to continue to remain open a couple of evenings once the business is open full-time for those who need the service after hours.

“I wanted to share a good service, for fair prices,” Jim said.

His current service is any tire or wheel repair, replacement, lube services, batteries and brake jobs. He anticipates to also handle exhaust systems once the business is open full-time.