Veterans Club fund gains $10,000 toward goal

Bar area of new Albion Veterans Club

Albion Veterans Club building fund has grown by more than $10,000 in the past five weeks and now stands at $161,000.

That leaves just $39,000 left to be raised to meet the final goal of $200,000.

The Business Challenge, which began in April, has now raised $4,000 for the project.

A total of 562 memorial bricks have now been purchased for the Walls of Honor, raising more than $56,000.

Other donations and pledges of various kinds now total $101,000.

After moving last weekend, June 6-7, the Veterans Club is now operating in the new building. Manager Karen Arends reported there is a small amount of interior finish work left to complete.

Exterior work is continuing on the front (west side) of the building, where dirt was removed and packed in preparation for concrete to support the brick walls and entryway.

Fund-raising efforts are continuing. Memorial bricks can be purchased, and other donations can be made, at the Veterans Club, by contacting a member of the Building Committee, or contacting Karen Arends or Karen Hagemann.