My Side of the Fencepost

Fair was more than just fun

By Jim Dickerson

Last year at about this same time, I complimented the Boone County Fair Board on using its collective imagination to stage a fair with great variety that appealed to a large number of Boone County area residents.

This year, I’m doing it again.

It seems the fair board is on a roll with featured events like school bus races, two-car chain races, WDRL racing, combine demolition derbies, ATV motocross races, miniature late model racing and a quality carnival midway.

I attended most of those events and attractions. I enjoyed them all. It was an outstanding county fair.

Some of the other events, though, might not get the attention they really deserve. Those included the Grill Off (great food and a lot of fun), the Little River Band concert, the Native American programs last Monday afternoon, historical programs last Wednesday, 4-H competitions and heritage displays.

These events were part of a great overall program that included opportunities for education along with the fun.

I know very few people have time to experience every single aspect of the fair over a busy five-day run, but the afternoon and early evening events this year were well worth attending. Those who missed them this year (including me) would be well advised to put them on their schedules for next year.

In looking back at Boone County’s fair this year, it should be noted that there were times it was in direct competition with fairs in larger area counties — including both Madison and Platte Counties. Still, the Boone County Fair managed to attract sizable and enthusiastic crowds for most events. That is due both to the loyalty of area residents and the innovative approach to fair entertainment exhibited by the fair board.

The cooperation shown and ultimate success of the county fair each year is an obvious source of pride for Boone County — as well it should be.