Petersburg Press

Giant Pumpkin Growing Tips — August 2009

By Jim Leifeld

Some growers are reporting rapid growth on their selected pumpkins. We have one that measures 24 inches long and 67 inches in circumference. 136 pounds.

Only work in your patch in the warmer part of the day when the leaves are dry. Keep that giant growing by keeping plenty of water on it. Do your watering to the vine with soaker hoses rather than a sprinkler, to stop fungus and other diseases from starting. If you are getting any disease, stop in and we will fix you up with whatever you need. You also should be watching for cucumber beetles and squash vine borers. If you are having trouble with the beetles, we have a trick for you to stop them. A yellow bucket with soapy water in it will attract and trap them! We can get you the right pesticides and the proper way to use them. If you do get some dead leaves from insects or disease, remove them from the vine and move them away to stop further infestation.