Petersburg Press

Village Board discusses ATV use on streets

A wide array of topics were discussed at the Village of Petersburg board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 1. Included were: ATV’s on the streets of Petersburg, grant received by Boone County for rehabilitation of homes, new computer for village office, and disinfecting effluent.

Board members discussed ATV’s being driven on the streets and whether it is legal. Deputy Mapel stated, “Yes, you do have an ordinance stating that it is legal. But, anyone operating an ATV on any public road must be 16 years old or older, have a driver’s licence, display a flag, and must have liability insurance on the ATV.

Trustee Allen Thorberg felt with the frequency of accidents in the state this year it would be advisable to run a list of requirements in the paper so operators know the guidelines. He added, “I see some come through without a flag.”

More details in this week’s Petersburg Press Print Edition.