Commissioners seek lower speeds on highway

Trucks lining up to unload grain at Cargill.In an effort to reduce the potential for serious traffic accidents on Highways 39-14 southeast of Albion, the Boone County Commissioners adopted a resolution Monday seeking lower speed limits in that area.

Commissioners said they are particularly concerned with high traffic volume at the 260th Street highway intersection.

Specific recommendations by the commissioners were:

  • A speed limit reduction from the current 55 miles per hour to 45 mph on Highway 39, starting 225 feet southeast of the 260th Street intersection;
  • A speed limit reduction from the current 45 mph to 35 mph on Highways 39/14, beginning 210 feet southeast of mile marker 122.

The board will forward this resolution to the Nebraska Department of Roads and present it at the NDOR district program planning meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 21, in Norfolk.

Details in the Oct. 21 Albion News Print Edition.