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Megan Haave returns for children’s book signing

Megan Haave, right, with Randall HenningAlbion native Megan Haave, right, was greeted by many friends and relatives when she returned to Albion for a signing of her new Hallmark children’s book, It’s Not Easy Being Brave, at Wells’ Hallmark last Saturday morning. Boone Central teacher Randall Henning, left, was among those on hand to buy an autographed copy of the book. Mr. Henning was one of Megan’s teachers at Albion Public School when she was in eighth grade.

Megan is also acquainted with Mr. Henning’s brother, Rod, who owns Hallmark stores in Kansas and Missouri. She was part of a group of students who helped with summer inventories at those stores when she was in high school here.

Megan has been employed by Hallmark headquarters in Kansas City since August 2007, and she is working with other writers and artists there on new book concepts.