Speakers applaud link between Albion, UNL

Tom and Bev Schuele and Hank Thieman look over student architects’ displays.Enthusiastic graduate students from the University of Nebraska College of Architecture had an opportunity to show their work in a statewide forum last Thursday.

Their designs, displayed in the Nebraska State Capitol, focused on new possibilities for Albion. The culmination of a semester-long “re-pioneering” project drew positive reactions from speakers at the reception.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman said he liked the possibility that the students’ “outside the box” thinking could have a positive impact on rural communities.

An “ability to work together,” very evident among Nebraskans and their communities, is reflected in this project, Heineman said. He congratulated both the students and the communities of Boone County on their willingness to look at new possibilities.

About a dozen Boone County residents attended the afternoon reception.

Details in the Dec. 16 Albion News Print Edition.