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Commissioners review site plan

Wind farm contractor to be decided by mid-April 

A completed site plan for the Laredo Ridge wind farm, showing locations for all 54 wind turbines, was presented to the Boone County Commissioners and the County Planning Commission Monday.

Patrick Dalseth, project coordinator with Midwest Wind Energy, said the plan should meet all existing county regulations. It is now being reviewed by Zoning Administrator Barb Hanson, who will issue zoning permits for the wind development if it meets requirements.

All landowner leases have been signed for the project, Dalseth said. Six potential construction contractors have visited the wind field, and their bids were due March 19.

“We should know the contractor by mid-April, and the successful contractor will likely be mobilizing by the end of April to early May,” he said.

Details and map of wind tower sites in the March 24 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print Editions.

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