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Fire hall remodeling on village board’s agenda

Several members of the Petersburg Fire Department and Rescue Squad were present to address the board about acquiring funds for the remodeling of the present meeting room and kitchen. Spokesman Dale Salber stated they would like to have a decent meeting room and kitchen by the time of the Q125 celebration.

He said that it had been many years since anything had been done to that area. The room is used by 4-H and other groups for meetings, “Bash in the Burg”, Santa Day, etc. He stated, “We would like to move the east wall out making basically a 32 x 32 ft. room with the kitchen remaining the same size. We’d like to spruce up both restrooms.” This space would also create an area for the Rescue Squad to store their gear, much of which must be locked up. It would be near the ambulance for easy access. The kitchen would include different cabinets, stove, deep sinks and storage space. At the present time, there are only two usable outlets.

A pole must remain to hold up the ceiling. At some time, a pole had been removed creating a bow in the roof. Members would like a dropped ceiling and replace the sliding doors. The firemen will do the painting and demolition. Salber stated, “The furnace is very old. It was installed in 1983. At that time, it was a used one from Randolph. Presently, there are no grounded outlets. They would also like to replace the restroom toilets and sinks. The department decided not to apply for grants citing the need for engineers and the extra cost.

First Responder Angie Koch stated, “This is the only place in town to use if there’s an emergency. During the ice storm, the women who worked here (fire hall) realized how inefficient and difficult it was.”

The amount of money needed is approximately $30,000.

Additional details in the May 12 Petersburg Press Print and Electronic Editions.

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