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Betty Harnapp is BCHC ‘Caring Kind’

Betty HarnappAfter a 47-year nursing career and being a part of thousands of baby deliveries, a well-deserving award was given to Betty Harnapp, RN with Boone County Health Center, at the conclusion of National Hospital Week.

Cindy Lesiak, RN and vice president of Patient Services, recognized Betty Harnapp as the 2010 Caring Kind award recipient.

The Caring Kind award is given annually by the Health Center to an employee who demonstrates exceptional work practices. All past recipients, no matter what department they represent, embody integrity, character, compassion and a general regard for patients and fellow employees.

The hospital also presented its Department of the Year award to the Albion Medical Clinic staff for multiple projects during the year, including the conversion to electronic medical records.

Details in the May 26 Albion News Print and Electronic Editions.

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