Commissioners again deal with fence repairs

Boone County Commissioners again Monday approved a motion to pay for materials to replace fences damaged in clearing snow from roads last winter.

Lawrence Stuhr and Randy Pelster presented bills totaling $378 for materials to replace fence northeast of Petersburg. They had already purchased the posts and wire, and replaced the damaged fence.

Both land owners said they had not previously talked to county officials about the fence replacement; but decided to submit their claim after the county had agreed to pay material costs for a similar fencing claim in July.

Tom Schuele, county board chairman, pointed out that the county had not been previously informed of this fence damage so it could be documented. Also, the county would have been exempt from sales tax on the materials purchase. However, he agreed that reimbursement for materials was justified. “This (past) winter was one that none of us ever hope to see again,” he said.

Additional details in Sept. 1 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print and Electronic Editions.

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