Primrose Post Office closing will end 136-year history

Sue McIntyre in the Primrose Community Post Office.On Friday, Dec. 3, the Primrose Community Post Office (CPO) will be closing at the usual time, but it will also be the final time.

When the office door is locked by postal contractor Sue McIntyre, it will end the 136-year history of the Primrose Post Office.

In September 2010, several rural routes were reconfigured in the Boone and Nance County areas. The Primrose Community Post Office had been an office under the Cedar Rapids Post Office, and the rural carrier from Cedar Rapids had delivered the Primrose route mail.

Beginning in September, the mail for Primrose was sent to the Albion Post Office. From there, it was sorted to the route and post office boxes, and delivered to the Primrose CPO to be placed in patrons’ boxes.

Additional details in the Nov. 24 Albion News Print and Electronic Editions.

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