Bowling Added To Boone Central Winter Sports Slate

Brody Kelley strikes for CardinalsBoone Central students have another winter sports option in 2010-11.
Thanks to the organizing efforts of Fairview Lanes operator Mitch Patzel, Boone Central has joined an expanding list of schools competing in bowling under the direction of the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation.
Bowling is not currently a sanctioned sport for high school competition by the Nebraska School Activities Association. The NHSBF was established in 2002 in order to provide high school students the opportunity to participate in a lifelong sport and experience the spirit of team competition at the high school level.
While the goal of the NHSBF is still to get bowling sanctioned by the NSAA, until that time it provides an organization that currently represents nearly 100 schools and more than 1,600 bowlers. The NHSBF season culminates in the crowning of eight state champions in front of a statewide audience on Nebraska Educational Television.
Patzel acknowledged there are still details to be finalized in this initial venture with Boone Central. The team has established a seven-week schedule against Class D competition that is in reasonable proximity to Albion, but Patzel expects the Cardinals to be classified Class C for district competition. The team began its season Saturday, Nov. 27, and will compete on Saturdays through Jan. 22. Districts are scheduled for Jan. 29 and the state competition at locations in Lincoln Feb. 12-13.
Patzel said the program currently falls into the club category, “much like Spanish Club”. There was a larger-than-anticipated initial turnout and he hopes bowling will find its niche in the list of school activities.
“Bowling is a sport where you don’t have to be exceptionally big or strong or fast,” he commented. “It gives those who maybe aren’t the most naturally athletic a chance to compete.”
Patzel is serving as the head coach for the team and is being assisted by Mike Mapel, Jerad Rasmussen and Duane Lee.
Boone Central opened its first NHSBF season successfully Saturday, scoring a rousing 18-1 victory over Newman Grove in boys varsity competition. The Newman Grove girls were unavailable, so that portion of the competition was postponed.

There are three rounds of games bowled in the scoring format. Individuals bowl head-to-head with bowlers of the opponent in the first two games and the final is a ‘Baker’ game, with bowlers alternating in more of a team format. In the first two games, each individual game won in a line-up of four bowlers is worth one point (8 total) and each team game won is worth three points (6 total). The Baker game is best 2-of-3 and is worth five points.
Patzel said he used a line-up of Justin Rasmussen, Brody Kelley, Aaron Hamling and Drew Wirges in Saturday’s match with John Kennedy and Mark Tisthammer subbing in.
Boone Central swept the four individual match-ups in game one, took three of four in game two and won the Baker game. High Cardinal games on the day were by Rasmussen (165) and Hamling (161).
Competing for Newman Grove were Brett Weinman, Nick Flamme, Jason Kaufman and Greg Roberg.
Patzel noted that since bowling is not sanctioned by the NSAA, students may participate and also play in NSAA sports such as basketball and wrestling. Boone Central will have girls and JV competition when opposing schools match up.
Other students participating in the new program currently include Kelsey Lee, Alex Mousel, Jessica Tisthammer, Toni Rasmussen, Jacob Olson, Molly Landauer, Clark Noble, Devon Doelder, Shelby Schafer, Curtis Pribnow and Jordan Risor.
Boone Central will host Leigh at Fairview Lanes Saturday, Dec. 4, at 1 p.m. for a boys varsity match.