My Side of the Fencepost

by Jim Dickerson

Giving community, area

‘Tis the season for generosity, and boy . . . we have seen plenty of that in our area this year!

I guess that’s just what we might expect, but I believe the giving has been exceptional this Christmas season.

As a matter of fact, we’re having a little trouble keeping up with covering it all.

Economic times are pretty good right now in rural Nebraska. The agricultural sector has fared well, and I believe there is optimism about the future.

That shows up in extra generous donations, both for local causes and some important national causes as well. We try to cover as many of the donations as possible when we’re contacted, because these efforts are very worthwhile and we consider such gifts newsworthy.


Well, this area has outdone itself this year!

I’ve gone back through the five issues of the Albion News since Nov. 1 and compiled a list of more than 15 generous gifts to various worthy causes by organizations and businesses in this area.

Some of the causes have included St. Jude’s Hospital, the fight against breast cancer, gift boxes for troops overseas, Boone County Food Pantry, the Good Samaritan Society – Albion nursing home addition, and the fund to support the recovery of L. Cpl. Neal Claar.

This week, we have more stories on generosity extended to the Toys for Tots program and to the bleacher cover project for the Legion baseball field.


Some of the money amounts were not announced for gifts, grants and donations given in the past five weeks. If we include the grants announced by the Boone County Area Foundation in November, I believe it’s safe to say that more than $35,000 has been given to various worthy causes in a five-week time span.

Add to that more than 4,000 pounds of food and labor donated to the Boone County Food Pantry.


Residents of the Boone County area, and rural Nebraskans in general, have always been generous and helpful both in good times and bad.

This year’s generosity may or may not be exceptional, but it is good to know the caring spirit remains alive and well in this area.

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