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State to mandate UV wastewater treatment

John Zwingman, village engineer, was present at the Petersburg Village Board meeting held Tuesday, Dec. 7, and he said that it will be required that the village install a state mandated UV treatment system for wastewater by the fall of 2011.

He said, “I’m going to give you a quick run down. You are pretty lucky. The village had the foresight and has already purchased used UV light equipment from Ashland. The state has lowered the limitation on e coli and ammonia levels. The village is fine on the ammonia, but they are also putting limits on chlorine in the waste water. The most feasible thing for the village is to have an Ultraviolet (UV) light treatment bank where the waste comes in and is spread out and treated. It won’t kill the bacteria, it makes them sterile.”

Details in the Dec. 15 Petersburg Press Print and Electronic Editions.

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