Fire destroys home near Albion

Rural Albion home was destroyed by fire Jan. 12A rural home on north 260th Street was destroyed by fire Wednesday evening, Jan. 12. Albion Volunteer Fire Department was called to the home occupied by Kyle Kruse at 6 p.m. and responded with 29 personnel, five fire trucks, a rescue truck, and an ambulance. The fire was contained by 7 p.m. and extinguished by 9:30 p.m. Firemen were called back on two occasions to extinguish small flare-ups and left the scene at 11:50 p.m.

Apparent cause of the fire was prolonged exposure of electrical wiring to heat from the pipe chimney of a wood burning stove, according to Fire Chief Bruce Benne. The fire started on the second floor and burned through the roof in the center of the house. Since the roof structure was compromised, firemen were forced to fight the fire from the exterior. The house was a total loss, according to owner Bob Griesman, who plans to demolish and remove it.

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