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Village Board approves $10,000 request

Ross Knott and Doug Koch, members of the Petersburg Industrial Development Corporation, attended the Village Board meeting held last Tuesday, March 8 for some help with their ongoing projects.

Knott said, “We’re here to request $10,000 from the Sales Tax fund. Initially, we intended this money to go toward our debt, but we have made an offer on another property. This money would not go toward debt reduction, but would allow us to purchase a piece of property. It will make the group’s other property more valuable. Hopefully, we will soon have a more revolving fund within our treasury.”

Chairman Tony Thieman stated, “I’m all right with this. You guys already own a good deal of property, but you also are developing those properties. It’s something you can do better than we as a board.”

Knott added, “We’re not making money, but we are transferring property.”

Trustee Steve Faust said, “This is what the fund is for.” The board agreed with the request.

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