Boone Central expects more high school, fewer middle school students

Although the count is only preliminary at this point, Boone Central School administrators are expecting more students in high school and fewer in middle school this year.

Principals estimated K-12 enrollment at 549 for the 2011-12 school year during Monday night’s school board meeting. That would be a decline of 16 students from last year’s starting enrollment.

Elementary Principal Tim Hamilton said the preliminary K-5 count is 213 this year, a decline of one from last year’s 214.

Preliminary count for the Middle School is 98 students, said Principal Jimmy Feeney. This is a possible decline of 24 students from last year because a large eighth grade class moved to high school and a smaller sixth grade class joined the middle school this year.

High School Principal Darrell Barnes reported a preliminary count of 238 in grades nine through 12, which would be an increase of nine students from last year’s count.

Preschool enrollment is 40 students, the same as last year. Enrollment numbers could change after school starts next week.

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