Recycling pilot program to end

After reviewing a financial analysis of the pilot recycling program at its Aug. 16 meeting, the Albion City Council decided to end the program with final pick-ups on Aug. 18.

Les and Gloria Nienaber of Bud’s Sanitary Service, Newman Grove, provided financial details showing recycling has been a losing proposition over the past two months. “Obviously, this is not working,” stated Nienaber. He estimated the additional cost of continuing the recycling program in all contracted towns at $6 per water meter.

Even without the recycling program, garbage pick-up rates will likely still need to increase, primarily due to higher fuel costs. The contracts are now under review. “We are confident if a raise is asked for, it will be at $1 or less per water meter,” stated Nienaber’s letter.

Details in the Aug. 17 Albion News Print & Electronic Editions.

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