Simulation helps GSS-Albion staff learn about aging

Jody Brengelman, LPN at Good Samaritan Society - Albion, wears goggles to simulate vision impairment.Special equipment, including goggles like these worn by LPN Jody Brengelman (above), were used for a recent staff simulation at Good Samaritan Society – Albion.

The staff members experienced a Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT). This powerful training tool gave them the opportunity to walk in the residents’ shoes, attempting to simulate a few of the physical problems that are common in aging. Most of all, an attempt was made to simulate dementia where one of the most common problems faced is loss of short-term memory.

The fact that most elders with dementia do suffer from at least some physical impairments made it important to simulate both physical and cognitive problems together.

Details in the March 14 Albion News & Petersburg Press Print and Electronic Editions.