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Village board hears concern about water levels

ersburg board members at their meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 7 that there has been a lowering of the water table. The1979 well has dropped 35 feet, but there is 40 feet left to go down before there is a problem. The 2000 well has dropped 50 foot, and there is still 20 foot left.

Koch stated, “I have been predominantly pumping from the old well because of the output. The 2000 well is 268 feet deep, and we could drop that another 25 feet.” He noted the 1979 well had been pumping about 600 gallons a minute and has now dropped to 500 gallons per minute. Sargent Irrigation was not worried.

Chairman Tony Thieman questioned if there would be any reason to speak to the NRD to discuss what the town’s options are in an emergency since the village pumps a quarter of a million gallons a day.

More details in the Aug. 22 Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions.

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