Petersburg Press

Village Board talks camper rates

Camper rates were readdressed at the Petersburg Village Board meeting held last Tuesday evening, Sept. 4.
Chairman Tony Thieman said, “We need to be in line with towns around us.” Trustee Allen Thorberg said, “Right now, we are not giving a break on the monthly rate.”
Thieman stated, “It was okay when the wind farm people were here because they had a stipend, but this road crew, for instance, does not get one.”
Thorberg noted the longer people stay, the more money they will spend in Petersburg.
The board felt the site is paid for, but there are other bills. Trustee Steve Faust said, “We need to match other towns, but we don’t need to be any lower.
The board voted to remain at $12 a night, but the monthly fee will drop to $250.