School Board hears about ‘Career Academy’

Boone Central School Board Monday night heard presentations about a student Career Academy to begin next year for high school students.
Lynne Webster, school counselor, explained that this will be an additional step in the relationship between the school and local businesses/industries.
The school is aligning its courses to conform to the state’s approved programs of study for career development in six areas: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications; Business Management/Administration; Health Sciences; Human Services; and Architecture, Construction and Manufacturing.
Through this process, and working with area businesses, the school has set a goal to offer Career Academies next year for junior and senior students who wish to participate.
Junior year first semester would include classroom instruction in pertinent subjects, followed by both observation and hands-on experience at the business.
Senior year would include a “capstone course,” possibly a college course, in the chosen career area, as well as further work experience at the business.
Education beyond high school would be part of the plan for many career choices.
The program is intended to give students a “step ahead” toward their chosen career area, Webster said. It would require a commitment from both the student and the participating business.
Details in the Nov. 14 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions.

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