Boone County 43rd in total property taxes levied

Current property taxes per capita for area counties.Boone County ranks 43rd among Nebraska’s 93 counties in total property taxes levied for 2012, according to statistics compiled by the Nebraska Department of Revenue.
The county ranks 53rd in the state in total population, with a 2010 census count of 5,505.
Total property taxes of $17,537,839 were levied on the county’s property for the current year, an increase of $855,283 or 5.13 percent from last year’s total of $16,682,556.
Boone County is 12th lowest in tax rate, and ranks 50th among the 93 counties in the percentage change in total property tax dollars from 2011 to 2012.
Details in the Jan. 30 Albion News & Petersburg Press, Print and Electronic Editions.