Commissioners approve tax settlement

A settlement agreement with GGP, LLC, regarding back taxes on hog confinement buildings, was approved by the Boone County Board of Equalization at its meeting Monday morning.
Negotiations had been underway since November on personal property taxes for two confinement buildings owned by GGP, southeast of Cedar Rapids.
Due to procedural errors, the buildings constructed in 2005 were not added to GGP’s tax statements until recently. The county had sent tax bills based on the land value and not for the buildings since 2005.
Based on a corrected valuation approved Monday, County Treasurer Laurie Krohn prepared revised tax statements to GGP for additional 2010 and 2011 taxes totaling $120,842. This amount was paid Monday.
Details in the Feb. 6 Albion News and Petersburg Press Print & Electronic Editions.

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